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Home Décor

You will love our home décor and interior design services in the Georgian Triangle.

home decor

Are you interested in freshening up your home with new colours?

Do you have a room that your furniture just does not seem to work in?

Could the beauty of your windows be improved with new window treatments?

At Fresh Design, we offer our clients the best home décor options because we take your vision and create custom looks specifically geared towards your needs.

With a full range of services, you will find that we can help you create the home you have been envisioning.

  • Home Decorating –Do you need help with paint colour selection to tie your room together?  Do you have furniture that could use custom upholstery to give it a beautiful update? We provide all of the home decorating services you need to achieve your perfect space.
  • Space Planning – Have you been moving furniture around and can’t seem to find the right layout? Have you recently moved to a new home and would like some ideas on the best way to plan your space? At Fresh Design, we can help you transform your home into a beautiful and functional living space with our space planning and furniture layout services.
  • Window Treatments – Do you need to add warmth and color to your room? Our draperies and blinds can really make a difference in how each room feels. We can create custom drapes and custom blinds to give your windows the design elements you need to tie your room together and create a welcoming environment.
  1. Style change – your choice for colour, pattern or design
  2. Restoring or redesigning quality pieces – better quality construction than current furniture
  3. Sentimental reasons – your favourite piece of furniture, or a piece you inherited from your grandmother, mother or Aunt Rose
  4. Environmental – saving it from the landfill to cut down on waste
  5. Value for Dollar – re-upholstery should last at least 15 to 20 years, assuming normal wear and tear – a very good return on your investment

We will help you get started on the path to your perfect home design.